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Bringing Folks Together

What we do

Our sweet spot is getting folks together through group travel. We understand the frustrations and challenges group leaders experience trying to secure a group trip; If it’s not the challenge of selecting the right date, then it’s deciding the “w’s” of payment collection.
We are the folks you need to make sure your trip happens. We handle majority of the heavy lifting which includes surveying, researching, negotiating contracts, packaging, collecting registrations and payments, communicating terms and conditions, and adding special touches to ensure the overall journey is easy, concise, and memorable. Afterall, you deserve to enjoy the journey also.

What you'll do

Group trips are best planned a minimum of 12 months in advance. Once your core folks have verbally committed to a group trip, then:
  1. Select the service you desire below,
  2. Click on “Book a Consult” and schedule  your 30 minute Free Consultation,
  3. Approve your proposed itinerary – it is a contract,
  4. Approve your trip landing page and marketing materials,
  5. Pass the baton. We will send out personalized invites to your guest.

Planning a retreat, class getaway, pilgrimage, small conference, looking to offer travel as an employee incentive? We take the guessing and stressing out of planning, coordinating, and managing. 

Ideal for:

    • Church Groups
    • Affinity Groups (i.e. sororities, clubs, etc.)
    • Small business owners
    • Schools

Bringing family and friends together through travel is what we love most. We help you design your itinerary, deliver a special gift, and manage the booking, communications, and collections within your group. 

Reason for a Getaway:

    • Reunions
    • Birthdays and other celebrations
    • Overdue dream vacation
    •  Reconnecting

We work directly with wedding planners and concierge to assist with destination management for the wedding party and guests.  

Ways to partner:

    • Pre-moon and honeymoon
    • Shows/panel discussions
    • Destination wedding management