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Ghana, The Gem of West Africa – has something for every traveler from the Safari’s Africa has become known for, to the off the beaten path landscapes, vibrant cities, important history and lively cultural experiences.

Visiting one of Africa’s prosperous nations allows you to bear witness to a history that comes alive with its important transatlantic slave trade landmarks and also witness Africa beyond the typical stories of poverty that the media has popularized over the past few decades

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This trip will be somewhat of a Pilgrimage, a homecoming to the land of our ancestors. For some this will be an emotional and yet delivering experience.

Ghana was the first Sub-Saharan African country to gain independence and today is a thriving democracy holding richly to its traditions, customs, and culture.

This tour is ideal for anyone who is interested in Ghana, desires to trace their ancestry, interested in Ghana's growing economy, curious about the history, etc.


Day 1

Date : December 25, 2020


Overperson flight to Ghana

Day 2

Date : December 26, 2020


Welcome to Ghana! Our local guide will meet you upon arrival at the Kotoka International Airport, Accra and transport you to the resort.

Once we are checked in, our guide will offer an Akwaaba and brief us on all aspects of our trip.

You may enjoy your evening meal at the resort while acclimating yourself to West Africa or enjoy the Afrochella Festival **

**We are anticipating the dates for 2020 to be the same as prior years**

Day 3

Date : December 27, 2020


Today is at your leisure for activities.

Our beachfront property is the most popular and most visited in Ghana. On weekends and holidays especially, a myriad, of events are hosted at the beach almost on a daily basis. The events include beach parties, cultural events, open concerts, and beach soccer competitions.

Take the day to either tour Accra on your own or enjoy our beach front property. If you chose to "stay-in" some of the activities we recommend include:

1. Taking a canoe ride on the sea
2. Visiting the turtle hatching site (if season)
3. Relaxing on the beach
4. Swimming
5. Fishing
6. Horseback riding
7. Tennis
8. Spa

Meals: B, D

Day 4

Date : December 28, 2020


Accra, the capital of Ghana, has maintained its unique identity despite the fast paced development currently underway in this intriguing African city. The luxuriant administrative area, punctuated with elegant villas built during the first half of the 19th century, reminds us that Ghana was one of the most flourishing British colonies in West Africa. The program includes a visit to

1. The National Museum (if open), one of the first works of independent Ghana - the idea inspiring the Museum is to relate Ghanaian art to the rest of the continent and to prove the
existence of an African history as part of the general history of humanity.
2. We explore the old quarter of James Town, inhabited by the local population known as the Ga. On the Ocean shore is where local native people life fully unfolds: a village surrounded by the city! Here all economic activities follow very different rules from the ones governing "the city" (business area), just a few hundred meters away.
a. Black Star Square and the flame of African liberation, which was lit by Kwame Nkrumah himself in 1961.
b. Brazilian stone houses, built by free enslaved African’s who reside in Brazil, they made their way back to Africa after the slave trade was abolished and their descendants have now integrated with the locals of James Town.
3. Our tour will continue with the visit of a workshop where they specialize in building fantasy coffins. These special handcrafted coffins can reflect any shape: fruits, animals, fish, cars, airplanes.... the only limit being imagination! Started in Africa, these flamboyant coffin designs are by now collected worldwide and exposed in museums.

Enjoy the evening on your own!

Meals: B, D

Day 5

Date : December 29, 2020


Leaving Accra after breakfast, we'll head to Cape Coast and enjoy the Cape Coast Castle tour and ceremony. After the ceremony, we will proceed to the hotel for check-in.

Welcome to Cape Coast

1. A small parade may happen in your honor - if the locals know Americans are in the area, it's not uncommon for them to provide you with a welcome
2. Pictures and shells are usually not free

Cape Coast Castle Tour and Ceremony

Cape Coast Castle was built by the Swedes in 1653 but from 1657 to 1664 it changed hands many times, as it was conquered by the
Danes, the Dutch, the Fanti (a local tribe), again the Swedes and finally the British. Today, it hosts a museum on slave trade history.

1. Pilgrimage & ancestral feeding of mashed yam, red oil and egg called Etto and the candle light vigil in all the Dungeons.
2. Re-enter the Castle/Dungeons thru the "Door of Return". After the castle Dungeons we go to the beach at One Africa to finalize
the return with the washing of feet and tribute to the ancestors.

The remainder of the evening is at your leisure for activities on your own. Toperson's dinner will be at a local restaurant.

Meals: B, D

Day 6

Date : December 30, 2020


In the morning we will experience the thrill of a "canopy walk" right in the deep forest of the Kakum National Park: one of the world highest suspended rope bridges held by steel cables. Perched 37 meters (120 feet) above the earth, you will enjoy a stunning view of the rainforest - instead of unveiling their trunks, trees will reveal their tops!

Wildlife that can be found within Kakum National Park includes forest buffalo, forest elephants, cats, civets, pottos, leopards, red river hogs, Demidoff's galago, long-tailed pangolins, giant pangolins, forest squirrels, North African crested porcupines, serrated tortoises, Home's hinged tortoises, monitor lizards, dwark crocodiles, duikers, and a variety of primate species.

Elmina Castle

The oldest European building in Africa, erected by the Portuguese in the 15th century. At different times the castle has been used as a warehouse to trade gold, ivory and, eventually, slaves. The castle we visit today is the result of successive extension works and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Outside the castle, a wonderful village with lots of large colorful fishing boats - every day these canoes are guided by skilled fishermen across strong ocean waves and currents, "fighting" to earn a living. In the old town we will see the Posuban, the shrines of the old "Asafo companies" - the warriors who used to put their offerings on the large colorful statues. The alleys in the old town have a very lively atmosphere, bringing
us back to a time when Elmina was a busy colonial town.

Enjoy the evening on your own!

Meals: B, D

Day 7

Date : December 31, 2020


Today is at your leisure for activities on your own or chose one of our optional excursions.
**New Year festivities will begin at approximately 9PM**

Optional Excursions - Global Mamas
Global Mamas community is comprised of thousands of people from around the world working together with the mission of creating prosperity for African women and their families. Mamas define prosperity as going beyond financial well-being to include happiness and good health. They achieve prosperity by creating and selling unique, handcrafted products of the highest quality. Being able to do the work they love and being empowered by financial independence leads to greater happiness. Mamas realize their dreams of having the opportunity to support their families, send their children to school, improve their health, and save for the future.

You have the option to select one or more of the below classes:

Cooking Class (3 hours)
Batik Making (3 hours)
Drumming and Dancing (3 hours)
Head Wrapping Workshop (1 hour)

New Year's Eve
Ghanaian's love to party! It's not out of reach to expect Time Square type of crowds and performances.

Festivities tend to start around 9:00 PM (when local residents leave church on New Years Eve).

Meals: B, D

Day 8

Date : January 10, 2020


After breakfast, depart Cape Coast for the Ashanti Region. Kumasi is the historical and spiritual capital of the old Ashanti Kingdom. A city proud of its past as much as it is of its present, now a flourishing economy due to the exploitation of its gold mines and its forests.

Ashanti Culture Centre Tour and Ashanti "Funeral"
The Ashanti people were one of the most powerful nations in Africa until the end of the 19th century, when the British annexed Ashanti Country to their Gold Coast colony. The tribute paid today to the Asantehene (King) is the best evidence of their past splendour and strength. With nearly one million inhabitants, Kumasi is a sprawling city with a fantastic central market - one of the biggest in Africa. Every type of Ashanti craft (leather goods, pottery, Kente cloth) is found here, along with just about every kind of tropical fruit and vegetable.

We will visit the Ashanti Cultural Centre: a rich collection of Ashanti artifacts housed in a wonderful reproduction of an Ashanti house.

In the late afternoon we will participate (if available) in a traditional Ashanti funeral, attended by mourners wearing beautifully red or black togas. Americans say "funerals" but it means a "festive" celebration: the deceased in fact is believed to be still with his/her family and through this ceremony he/she becomes an ancestor. Relatives and friends gather, socialize and celebrate his/her memory. The chief arrives surrounded by his court under the shade of large umbrellas while drums give rhythm to the dancers whose intricate moves are highly symbolic.

Meals: B, D

Day 9

Date : January 10, 2020


Kumasi City Tour
Explore Kumasi - the colonial buildings around the market, the very original hand-painted advertisement signs (real urban art!), the railway lines crossing the central market. An Ashanti chief, wrapped in traditional cloth, will welcome us in his courtyard for an interesting chat about the customs and traditions of his people.

We will visit the Kejetia Market, one of the largest open air markets in West Africa. Here you can find shoes, clothes, glass beads, kente cloth, batik, jewelry and so much more!

We also will visit the Royal Palace Museum - hosting a unique collection of gold jewels worn by the Ashanti court — and a few nearby villages specialized in weaving the traditional Kente cloth, praised by the socially important people and used to make special ceremonial stools.

This evening is at your leisure and for those interested, we will enjoy the Kumasi person life and hopefully find a West African Highlife band.

Meals: B, D

Day 10

Date : January 16, 2020


After breakfast, depart Kumasi for return trip to Accra. On arrival in Accra, spend the rest of the day at your leisure for activities on your own in Accra.

Enjoy the beach, the Art Alliance, or the city of Accra.

Meals: B, D

Day 11

Date : January 16, 2020


Farewell to Ghana: Day at Leisure
Until we meet again, this will be our last day together. We hope you enjoyed this immersive cultural experience and will join us again! Today is at your leisure for activities on your own. Enjoy the day room use of your hotel with an evening check-out.

Prior to departing for the airport, you will have time for relaxing, shopping and enjoying our farewell event!


Meals: B

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  • Meals as specified in itinerary (9 breakfast meals and 8 dinners)
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  • Private transportation with an experienced tour guide (gratuity included)
  • Group arrival and departure transfers (Note: If you decide to arrive at a different time than the group, your airport transfers will be an additional cost)
  • Travel Protection

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  • Airfare
  • Entry visa to Ghana (single entry visa)
  • Vaccination fees
  • Any meals other than the ones stated in this itinerary
  • Beverages at meals or any other meals not specified in this itinerary
  • Optional tours/excursions
  • Personal expenses such as telephone bills, laundry, room service, etc.
  • Tips/Porterage (gratuity is only included for tour guide and driver).

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