Frequently Asked Questions


Travel is an investment we take seriously. We are extremely cautious when it comes to choosing our business partner and vendors. Majority of our partners and vendors are registered with USTOA and/or they are covered by the travel protection plans we offer in the event of financial default of a travel supplier. Furthermore, TripIcare, LLC. is an insured agency.

Great travel advisors take the guessing and nuance out of the trip planning process. We handle virtually all aspects of your travel from start to finish. Great Travel Advisors also provide objective feedback on vendors, locations, and excursions. 

We offer all types of trips except for Extreme Adventure Travel. We define Extreme Adventure Travel as travel that requires an above average level of fitness and technical expertise. This travel may include but is not limited to Skydiving, Hang-Gliding, Volcano Trekking, Rock Climbing or Repelling.

If the extreme is not your thing, then we have something to offer you. Our sweet spots are immersive cultural, gastronomic, and luxe-adventure.

For vast majority of services rendered, TripIcare does not charge a fee. Our vendors and partners pay us commission in most cases.

For customized itineraries and for travelers who require planning services, we charge a flat fee for trip planning. For this fee, we provide an itinerary based on your desired specifics; unlimited revisions until booking begins.

Pre-Planned escorted trips listed on our site, no fee is assessed with inquiring or booking.

We are not an MLM travel agency. We have a minimum education/certification requirement for all Advisors. You must have completed training for Travel Agents/Tourism from an organization that issues certificates (i.e. Penn Foster, The Travel Institute). We also require that you have traveled to at least one country outside of the United States for longer than three days. If you’re interested in joining our team, please send an email to

Trip Specific

If you miss your flight or your flight is changed, you must first communicate with the Airline. This is extremely important if you have not left your hometown yet. If the airline is not willing to assist you, then contact the concierge number we provide to you in your booking app. Concierge will assist you with next steps to get you on your way.

Group & Escorted trips – We do not recommend opting out of activities unless its absolutely required (i.e. illness, tired, etc.). Your safety is our #1 priority therefore a headcount will be taken daily therefore please communicate with your In-Country HostAlso please be mindful, by booking these types of trips, by default you have agreed to move with the group or your escort.  

FIT & DIY travel – You are the master of your own time and itinerary. If we provided you with an itinerary, unless you paid for an excursion in advance, excursions remain as Recommended or Optional. If you paid in advance, you may cancel with full refund if you’re within your cancelation period otherwise you forfeit the amounts paid.

Travel protection is available and highly recommended however, for some trips it’s mandatory and included in the price of your trip. Please keep in mind, Travel protection is there to protect your travel investment; it protects you from an array of things including insolvent suppliers.

You are never obligated to choose our vendors for your travel insurance however we since this is the most overlooked part of travel, a basic policy is embedded in all of our group travel quotes. 

If you need to cancel your trip for any reason, please contact us right away. We will work with you in accordance to the cancellation policy of your trip.  

If you purchased travel insurance or it was included with your travel, for reimbursement, you must contact the insurance company’s concierge 24-hour line to start the reimbursement process to ensure your maximum refund.

Prior to your departure, TripIcare, LLC. will provide you with additional information about the destination you chose, including customs. We will also offer packing tips, In-Country Host information, any anything else pertinent to having a wonderful experience.

Due to Covid-19 our small group adventures are guaranteed to depart once we receive 10 travelers.  We will confirm when it’s safe to purchase airline tickets, if you did not purchase via group rate, and make other travel arrangements. 

Payments & Discounts

Yes, we have three payment plan options for any trip we plan or is pre-planned on our website.  

  1. You may pay in full (via check or credit/debit card) at the time of booking.
  2. You may divide your payments into equal monthly payments up to the last date of sale. The last date of sale differs per offering. Some offerings will remain available for sale until 60 days prior to departure as others may end 90 days prior to departure.
  3. Pay with Uplift Financing. See What is Uplift for details on how this works. If you’re approved through our partnership with Uplift, your trip will be considered Paid in Full with TripIcare, LLC. and Uplift will place you on an 11-month payment plan.

We have hand selected tours that are specifically priced for families with young children (< 12years of age). These trips come discounted to ensure travel is not hindered by price. Our goal is to make travel accessible to as many as possible and ensure through that process they are living the experiences we truly believe is deserved.  

Please note: Our Unplug, Unleash, Unwind series of escorted trips have a minimum age of 16 for travel.