About Us

Why Travel with us?

Experience, Experiences, and Experienced. 

Just like you, we are travelers too. Our travel planning experience spans from individual travelers to mixed company/multi-generational groups; budget friendly to luxury; cultural/spiritual journeys to destination weddings.

We value your time and investment, so let us help you make your travel dreams a reality. We pride ourselves on adding unique touches to your travel experience, finding hidden gems to enhance your experience, and relieving you from the duties of managing your group of family and friends traveling with you. Afterall, you deserve to relax and enjoy the experience also. 

Howdy, I'm Amber

President, Travel Advisor

My first international trip was a deployment for Operation Enduring freedom. We were sent to Germany. Arriving there was equivalent to looking at the world with a new pair of glasses, 3D or I guess it would be in 4D. Either way, it was like nothing I experienced before, and my family has been notorious for packing everyone in a van and traveling along the East Coast.

While in Germany, I traveled like a nomad. I’d ask the ticketing person at the train station to “book me for the most interesting city that’s no more than a X hour train ride away.”  I also discovered the joy of group travel. My first bus tour to Italy, 8 hours – 8 days – 30 strangers – 1 memorable time of my life!

Returning back to the states, that yearning for adventure and fellowship stayed with me. 20 States – 20 Countries – 2 Territories. Why are we waiting until retirement to simply LIVE?  We are alive now, we work too hard not to live more now. That’s how TripIcare (pronounced “trip-care) was born. 

It’s my goal to help people achieve travel, primarily travel in groups. Being in company of others, in shared experience, is a sweet thing.

Our Guarantee

Time and Value

We do all of the heavy lifting for you; negotiating contracted rates, putting itineraries together, collecting and remitting payments, keeping track of changes, and providing one location to find all travel detail for you and your fellow travelers.

Unparalleled Support

Should you experience any interruptions before or during or upon your return from your trip, we are here to assist you.

Financial Protection

Not only are we an insured agency, but we also vet our vendors and supplies to ensure they are legally registered, or members of USTOA and/or covered by travel insurance in the event of bankruptcy or financial default.


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